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Once upon a dish

Let the food transport you, another bridge in the city between friends and strangers alike.

The bicycles rush by on their own journeys, surely to return here.

They represent a simpler mode of commuting and the joy in that beautiful motion.

The beautiful tranquility of the streets and cooking is chaos exemplified.

Switch off and relax and be truly present, because the past and the future are merely the ingredients of now.

Take time to speak between mouthfuls and appreciate a time when things were done just a little slower and conversation was currency.

Take time to find not just the right ingredient but the perfect one.

Those flavours in symphony that make time itself stop.

And the time taken to create time-honoured recipes.

Take your time.

To create your own story.

Because it all begins in a place to call your own.

It all begins, once upon a dish.

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